Lena Elboim - Music Teacher, Composer in Los Angeles

Lena Elboim - Music Teacher, Composer in Los Angeles Welcome

I am a

Los Angeles based violin and piano teacher, composer and arranger

with over 30 years of experience.

Whether you are 3 or 83 and want to play an instrument for a career or to escape your daily routine into the beautiful world of music, whether you need a jingle composed for a viral video or 5 theme songs for a feature film, I hope to become the person you go to.

I am about to tell you a very big secret. Nobody else will tell you that. Are you ready to hear the secret? Here it comes: Playing an instrument is actually very easy. It is easy because it is natural for us to make music. Music is a language without words - It is a language of emotion. Once you discover it, you discover a whole new world.

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